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AnxiousLess™ (30 caps)
AnxiousLess™ (30 caps) $24.99
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CurcuminBP (60 caps)
CurcuminBP (60 caps) $39.33
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Gift Card
Gift Card from $10.00
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Love and Peas (675 g)
Love and Peas (675 g) $26.50
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Nature's Harvest (465 g) (15 servings)
Nature's Harvest (465 g) (15 servings) $28.95
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SmartMeal Chai (15 servings)
SmartMeal Chai (15 servings) $24.75
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Stixated (30 packets)
Stixated (30 packets) $31.55
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Sweet FX (90 caps)
Sweet FX (90 caps) $39.20
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Ultra Therm (120 caps)
Ultra Therm (120 caps) $44.25
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Ultra Therm CF (120 caps)
Ultra Therm CF (120 caps) $44.25
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      Herbal Knowledge Base

      Be AnxiousLess In Minutes!

      November 20, 2013

      Introducing a new, exciting product from Nature's Sunshine!   Benefits: Helps quickly ease anxiousness without drowsiness* Promotes a feeling of confidence and security* Improves your mood while helping to reduce fatigue* Offers safe, non-habit forming relief* How It Works: This fast-acting, non-drowsy formula helps relieve the nervousness, worry and tension associated with daily living. Featuring Sceletium tortuosum—a time-honored South African herb—and key nutrients that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves, AnxiousLess targets feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways. Designed to quickly calm your mind, this proprietary blend of natural ingredients helps boost your mood and reduce fatigue. KEY INGREDIENTS: Zembrin® (Sceletium tortuosumextract)—harvested in South Africa and used by locals for centuries, this herb supports the nervous system as it facilitates feelings...

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      Trigger Immune, Chinese by NSP

      September 26, 2013

      Benefits: Supports the immune system. Helps guard against nutrient depletion. Fortifies the circulatory system. Nutritionally enhances the body’s ability to respond to weakening forces.   How It Works: Trigger Immune is a combination of 18 herbs designed to support natural immunity.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this formula is designed to strengthen a weakened energy constitution. Its Chinese name sheng mai can be translated to mean “generate the pulse.” Trigger Immune is considered a general tonic formula. Ingredients of Nature's Sunshine Trigger Immune, Chinese: Astragalus root, ginseng root, epimedium leaf, eucommia bark, ganoderma mushroom, lycium fruit, rehmannia root tuber, achyranthes root, tang-kuei root, atractylodes rhizome, citrus peel, hoelen sclerotium, ligustrum fruit, ophiopogon root tuber, peony root without bark, polygala root,...

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